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Client Services

When it comes to business philanthropy, the most effective approach is the one that fits your business goals, matches your company’s values, and aligns with your business objectives. Wherever your business is on the philanthropic continuum, we can create a strategic philanthropic effort or assist with your established giving plan.

Hiring Strategic Philanthropy lets you:

  • Be strategic in your donation efforts
  • Focus your contributions for maximum impact
  • Align your brand, mission, corporate values and business objectives with your community partners
  • Measure the effectiveness of your donations


Strategic Philanthropy Client Services

Corporate Charitable Donations Assessment:

One of the reasons your company gives back to the community is to make a difference. Measuring the impact of your philanthropy is a way you can be confident that what and how you’re giving is being done strategically. Measuring also lets you qualify and quantify your philanthropic efforts. Our Corporate Charitable Donations Assessment is a comprehensive analysis that looks at your current corporate contributions.

Our assessment includes:

  • Evaluation of types of charitable donations
  1. In-kind
  2. Monetary
  • Review of employee participation
  • Analysis of the amount(s) of money designated
  • Appraisal of beneficiaries
  • Evaluation of company philanthropic goals, values and objective
  • Review of return on investment


Philanthropic Strategic Plan:

A successful philanthropic endeavor is built on a strong, lasting relationship between your company and your community. Your business philanthropy will make more of an impact when you align your charitable giving with your corporate vision and marketing/business strategies. The development and implementation of a strategic philanthropic plan is a way for your company to reach these combined objectives.

Our individualized corporate strategic plans include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating a mission for a corporate giving program
  • Solidifying key focus giving areas
  • Establishing giving guidelines
  • Organizing a nonprofit organization (NPO) application process
  • Developing measurement assessments
  • Aligning with key organizations/NPOs within areas of focus
  • Establishing roles/expectations for company executive(s) leading the initiative and identifying a sustainable structure
  • Creating volunteer initiatives


General Corporate Philanthropic Services:

Our approach to working with companies that already have a philanthropy program in place is to first understand the intent, purpose and involvement of your program. This allows us to align your business objectives with your philanthropic activities.

Our corporate services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Community Relations
  • Due diligence for charity partnerships
  • Strategic Corporate Giving Programs
  • Strategic Alliance and Coalition Building
  • Employee Engagement Initiatives
  • Volunteer Mobilization
  • Reputation Management
  • Employee Recognition Programs
  • Annual Reports
  • Advocacy
  • Events
  • Research
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Public Speaking


Available for speaking engagements for your business or nonprofit

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