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Creating a Business Outside the Lines, The Sticky Brand Lab, February 2021

Blog 42Confession. I’m late to the game on podcasts. Could be raising a 4 year and growing a business had something to do with it. But…..I was invited to be a guest on the Sticky Brand Lab to share how I was able to get a single client when there was no real industry for what I had created.**Fun backstory – we were filming it on a Sunday and I had called my mom prior to just to chat. Grayson hit the FaceTime button and as the conversation progressed and I told her about the podcast, she says…..”and that is how you’re going to look on camera?!” haha. I had to remind her the difference between a podcast and a zoom meeting. Got to love those Cuban moms who always want you looking presentable at ALL times!Nonetheless, I listened this morning (before sharing….to ensure I sounded legit – truly) and I’m so proud. If you miss hearing my voice (haha), you want nuggets about starting your own business or want some fun facts about me (wait until the in), then I hope this helps you.Podcast

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