Prior to starting Strategic Philanthropy, Kelly Alvarez Vitale worked in the nonprofit sector for seven years and knows how resources can be limited.  While our primary focus is our clients and helping them align their corporate philanthropy with their business goals and objectives, we also value our nonprofit partners for all of the programs and services they offer in our community.

Because we consider ourself a resource to both our clients and nonprofits, we help promote opportunities that are available to nonprofits where they can promote and publicize all of the good they are doing in the communities they serve.  Below are opportunities where charities can get the word out:

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Volunteer Florida Announces AmeriCorps Funding – deadline November 1, 2021

Monat Gratitude Grants – deadline November 5, 2021

Volunteer Florida Foundation Announces Availability of Additional Florida Disaster Funds – deadline November 15, 2021

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