Corporate Charitable Donations Assessment

A comprehensive analysis that looks at your past and current corporate contributions.

Philanthropic Strategic Plan

A plan that makes an impact when you align your charitable giving with your corporate vision and marketing/business strategies.

Corporate Philanthropy Management

Once a plan is in place, we become an extension of your company and help assist or fully manage the day-to-day operations outlined by the philanthropic plan.
Create, organize and manage the yearly sponsorship/grant process. Assist with creating funding priorities, guidelines, criteria and scoring/recommending nonprofits that best serve client

Employee Volunteerism

Creating meaningful service projects for your team and their family members. Learn more about the type of volunteer projects offered.

Budget & Community Impact Reporting

Managing the yearly sponsorship and dollars allocated toward community outreach initiatives. This includes tracking the company’s historical giving as well as the yearly impact a company has done.

In-kind Donations

Managing and tracking the in-kind gifts the company donates to the community.

Community Speaking Requests

Creating a database of employees who can speak on various topics in the community and managing all requests.

Community Outreach Events

Planning, coordinating, and managing all community outreach events on behalf of the client.

Basic Consulting

Serve as a resource to provide industry best practices.

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