Employee Volunteerism

Done in Day Projects

Coordinating a one day volunteer activity for employees and their families both locally and nationally; this would consist of selecting the charity, assisting with communication/recruitment of volunteers, logistics for the day (t-shirts, food, etc), recapping of project.


Working with designated nonprofit to create company teams, online fundraising campaigns, communications, and the coordination of logistics.

Food/Holiday Drives

Helping clients host drives locally and in various states where they have offices. We work with local nonprofits to identify the needs, coordinate communication to employees and manage the delivery of the items.
Coordinating the skill set of employees with nonprofits that are in need of that expertise for a short or long term project.

Volunteer Tracking

Tracking volunteer time of employees who volunteer on behalf of the company or on their spare time to capture the economic value they have in the communities they live.

Nonprofit Board Management

Pairing key executives and/or up and coming employees of various nonprofit boards.

Employee Relief Funds

Offering employees the opportunity to donate to other employees in time of need as well as offering assistance to employees who need help during times of crises.

Disaster Relief Efforts

Coordinating disaster relief such as fundraising campaigns and coordination of in-kind products and/or offering monetary relief assistance to employees in times of need.

Employee Volunteer Recognition

Coordinating a volunteer awards ceremony to highlight all employees who participate in company volunteer efforts.

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