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Client: Broward Performing Arts Foundation
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Date: 2014
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Client Goal:

Promoting education is one of the core values of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and an integral part of its mission. Thanks to the generous support of JM Family Enterprises, Inc., the Broward Performing Arts Foundation was able for the first time ever to offer scholarships for students in need to attend their Summer Theater Camp.  The Broward Performing Arts Foundation and JM Family Enterprises approached Strategic Philanthropy, Inc. in 2014 to research and launch a scholarship program.  The result was the creation of a new online scholarship application process as well as the creation of a scoring and evaluation method that could ultimately be replicated to fund future scholarship opportunities at the Center.


Upon learning the goals that were important to both the Broward Performing Arts Foundation and JM Family Enterprises, Strategic Philanthropy set out to research and evaluate key theater scholarship programs throughout the county.  This led to learning about best practices and how the Broward Performing Arts Foundation could best create a structure that was user-friendly for both staff and the community.


As a result, the following was accomplished:

  • Created and designed an online application process for individuals to apply for scholarships based on best practices from theater programs throughout the region, state and country
  • Assisted in creating the criteria to serve as an objective way to fairly evaluate and find the most deserving students. This included creating an application, parent profile, and financial profile to score the student’s application.
  • Created all of the web content and communication to the community to promote the scholarship application process
  • Developed scoring guidelines as a way to assist staff and volunteers to objectively score the applicants
  • Established a timeline to manage and launch the program
  • Assisted in promoting the scholarship program to key groups within the community
  • Created a system that could track and analyze the data of applicants so that it can be used for additional grant funding for the Center